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DEPECHE MODE the 35th strike - mixes: BACKUP CD


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DEPECHE MODE the 35th strike : BACKUP CD


1. Higher Love (Club Mix) (Higher Mix)
2. In Your Room (Dark Mix) (Dark Vibes Mix)
3. Enjoy the Silence (Psycho Dub) (Harmonium Ecstatic Integration)
4. World in my Eyes (Club Mix) (Old School Club Mix)
5. Never let me down again (instrumental remix) (REM DM Mix)
6. The Thing you said (club mix) (Ecstatic Integration ?)
7. It doesn't matter Two (Spherical Mix)
8. Pipeline (Mysterious Ways Mix) (Arab Mix)
9. Shake the Disease (Big Mix '99)
10. Fly on the windscreen (Brutal angel remix) (Brutal Mix)

+ - + - + - + - + - + - + C O M M E N T S + - + - + - + - + - + - +

Most of these were just taken from other boots; a few are from the internet (MP3 files).
Track 1 is the Higher Mix from Strike 8.
Track 2 is the Dark Vibes Mix from Strike 9.
Track 3 is an MP3 from the internet actually called Enjoy the Silence - Harmonium -
Ecstatic Integration. It's a pretty interesting little mix. It's the Harmonium version
with some varying beats laid on top of it.
Track 4 is the Old School Club Mix from 12" Remixes by Jonathan McBride.
Track 5 is a neat little track from the net, actually called the REM DM Mix. It is sped
up, and has various NLMDA rhythms on it, including parts from the Aggro mix. The sound is
really crappy, though, because of the MP3 encoding, which is quite obvious in this mix.
If whoever made it puts it on a real CD, it should be pretty good.
Track 6, I believe, is one of the Integration mixes from the net, but I can't be sure.
It's okay, mostly the regular song, with parts repeated for length, with an extra beat
laid on top.
Track 7 is from Songs of Martin L Gore Vol. II
Track 8 is the Arab Mix from Strike 9.
Track 9 is from Now This is Fun, 12 Inches by Jonathan McBride, and Ultra Maximum.
Track 10 is the Brutal Mix from DPM #1.

Final Verdict: Good only for tracks 3, 5, and maybe 6.

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