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Discotech Vol 16: BACKUP CD


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Discotech Issue 16

01. Cathy Dennis "Irresistable"
Paul Buijsman & Michelle LeBass

02. Martha Wash "Give It To You"
Lenny Gray

03. Kylie Minogue "Celebration"
Mark Alsop & Paul Goodyear

04. Loleatta Holloway/Latin Swg. "Gotta B #1"
Lenny Gray

05. Portrait "Here We Go Again"
John Dickinson

06. Marky Mark "Gonna Have A Good Time"
Lenny Gray

07. USURA "Open Your Mind"
John W. Moffett

08. DJ Pierre "Get On The Floor"
John W. Moffett

09. Men Without Hats "Safety Dance"
Roy McLeod

10. Diana Ross "Upside Down"
John Dickinson & John W. Moffett

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